In 1976  Wayne Fennimore met Bill Marlin and the CROSSFIRE band was born. They soon hooked up with drummer Chuck Schmedeke and bass player Jeff Warren and went on to take the Colorado music scene by storm.

For years Crossfire (including Tony Ortega and others) brought  their unique style of music to Colorado and the west.

In 1989 the band went on a 27 year hiatus.

But not forever! In 2015 Bill, Chuck met up again and formed the band Common Thread with  singer/songwriter Red DeLisle & bass player Adam Kraus. They were finishing a great run with the Common Thread band when Bill, Chuck & Adam got the opportunity to get back together with  old friend and bandmate Wayne Fennimore. After Adam left the band we hooked up with bass player Steve Ralph. Together they make up the new 


Crossfire has a unique sound and style built on great tunes and unequaled musicianship.

Turning every stage into a concert stage Crossfire brings music from the heart.  



Wayne Fennimore

Chuck left Colorado in 1989, to tour Europe, the Middle East and Central America. Following those road-years, he settled in LA and played with may well-known bands in Hollywood and Vegas. He returned to his heart-home in 2015 and is thrilled to have joined back up with Bill, Wayne and Steve.

Steve Ralph

Bill Marlin

A refugee from Detroit City Bill brought his music degree to Colorado and hooked up with Wayne to form the original Crossfire Band. 

After Crossfire Bill went on to play with the Bill Marlin & Red DeLisle Duo, Marlin Band, Brick Band, Mother Load and the Common Thread Band.

Bill is an active member of the Colorado music scene 

Wayne met Bill Marlin  just two weeks after his arrival in Colorado from the East Coast in the mid-seventies. After an initial musical effort, ending in several members opting for college instead of an obviously lucritive career in music, Bill and Wayne searched for other musicians, hence building the original Crossfire Band.    


Steve, the newest member of the band, has played in the Denver area for over 30 years with such bands as "Nightsmoke" and "Robert Johnston".

He also played with Wayne in the "Point Blanksters".

In 1977, Bill, Wayne and Chuck got together and Crossfire was born.

An, boy, do they have stories! Ask them about...

Chuck Schmedeke

About The Band

Wayne played through the years with local bands such as Abandoned Minds, The Point Blanksters, Midnight Flyer, and others, at times musically crossing paths with Bill here and there.  Musical growth and timing have brought three of the original members back together again.